Тег helpics

Тег helpics

  1. maxthemad

    Обновлён Helpics Modpack v 1.7.9

    Helpics Modpack V.1.7.9 for Patch (setup installer) updated 11/06/2016 Author: Helpics Important : It recommends a clean installation Tested in EU region IMPORTANT: Disable XMQP and Contact comment (This is experimental feature from XVM that has yet to be polished )...
  2. maxthemad

    Обновлён 0.9.14 Helpics Modpack

    0.9.14 Helpics Modpack It recommends a clean installation backup and delete the content in res_mods, and start the installer Helpics Modpack 1.4 for world of tanks 0.9.14 Selected mods and options: Autorepair + fire extinguisher (setting in game) Destroy object on...
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