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Обсуждение частника:armor kiev:ru

Обсуждение частника:armor kiev:ru

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Applesauce's Addendum (and List of Undesirable Content)

This is a list of issues and suggestions, compiled from what I've seen others say, as well as things that I've noticed. While many of these issues will need WGRU intervention, some of these are also issues that are beyond my editing capabilities, but can be done by the EN wiki staff (mainly formatting issues). I'll add stuff as I notice more things. I hope this translates into Russian good enough to be properly understood.

A list of issues I've located along with the help of some others:

•The old Panzer IV (the one from before patch 9.0) page still exists. This should be deleted as it is no longer in the game and won't ever be coming back. Link to page in question.

•On tank pages, most of them have the turret and gun icons slightly overlapping. Unsure if this is intended.

•All Japanese modules are missing from the module pages. T23E3 also has this issue.

•MTLS-1G14, T-44-85, Panzer IV Hydraulic, Großtraktor, and SU-76I are missing from the wiki. The Panzer IV Hydraulic is in game, so this is kind of a big issue that it is not here.

•I have not had this issue, but I've seen someone say that certain English tank pages were showing up in Russian (British Light Mk. VIC was the example given). Update: Apparently, this is caused by when you search for a page, it will show results both for EN and RU, not just the region you have selected. Perhaps an additional search option by region would be helpful.

•Not exactly an issue like the others, but the formatting on the equipment page and the consumables page could be improved. It is often hard to read with how some items do not line up properly or almost seem to flow together.

•On the [Tanks] page, the German and American tanks are formatted incorrectly. Below are a few suggestions that I can think of:

•A place to say if a tank has a unique Matchmaking weight that does not follow any of the rules in place. A full list is here.

•A way to show the range and arcs of SPG guns

•A way to show the changes between a stock and elite turret (HP, Rate of fire, ammo, aim time, etc.)

•A way to display the price of different shells for a gun

•Some stats are too specific and can be simplified. Rounding numbers to the hundredth's place should work. An example is the aim time on this page's sidebar

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